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Hemp Enriched Pain Relief

The 2-Part Topical Hemp Solution:
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This breakthrough system is enriched with hemp & essential oils for fast-acting & long-lasting relief

This breakthrough system is enriched with hemp & essential oils for fast-acting & long-lasting relief

Assists in Reducing Inflammation

Aids in Alleviating Muscle Aches

Helps Decrease Joint Discomfort

Supports Mobility & Flexibility

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Developed By Pain Therapists

100% natural herbal pain relieving ingredients delivered topically

Recommended by Professionals

Trusted by leading doctors, chiropractors and trainers as a natural alternative

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Over 20,000 studies have shown that compounds from pure hemp can aid in effectively modulating pain. Ansa Naturals Rapid Relief+ topical hemp solutions can offer comprehensive relief from all kinds of discomfort including minor aches, joint pains, muscle spasms, sports injuries, & bodily discomfort. Our 2-part system helps target areas where you need immediate and long-lasting relief, helping to restore your mobility and leaving you feeling years younger.

2-Part Topical Pain Relief System!

Ansa Naturals Pain Relief System is a complete set of topicals that can support pain management while also helping you get back to an active lifestyle.

Ansa Naturals Pain Relief System
Offers Fast-Acting Relief From:

Bone & Joint Pain

Muscle Ache

Back Pain

Ankle & Foot Pain

Nerve Pain

Part 1: Topical Hemp Cream

More Coverage for Larger Areas

The Rapid Relief+ Hemp Cream is formulated with pure hemp which can aid in alleviating pain in larger areas. Our proprietary blend of menthol and other pain-killing ingredients help reduce pain while also fighting against bodily discomfort.

Part 2: Topical Hemp Balm

Targeted Application for Specific Areas

We developed the Rapid Relief+ Hemp Balm for a more precise application to help target specific areas where you need pain relief the most. This balm is portable and easy to use anytime and anywhere. Just pop the cap and roll over the source of your pain – no rubbing needed!

The Secret Is In the Pain-Killing Ingredient Matrix

What makes Rapid Relief+ topical solutions different is the blend of natural pain-relieving compounds that have been proven to offer fast-acting & long-term relief.

Pure Hemp

Helps treat the root cause of pain - inflammation, by offering cooling & soothing relief. It also reduces the feeling of the severity of pain.

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is naturally packed with vitamin E, C, A, D, & many other nutrients that can nourish the skin.

Coconut Oil

Our pure coconut oil has loads of medium-chain fatty acids which are known for their healing properties.


Arnica has anti-inflammatory properties, which can lower pain caused by inflammation and decrease the healing time for inflamed skin.

Plus A Range Of Healing Essential Oils



Clove Bud




How it Works: The Science

Research-Supported Efficacy

Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of hemp to aid in relieving pain. One particular study found that the use of hemp can result in a decrease in inflammation and signs of pain all throughout the body, without additional side effects. Another study discovered using hemp does not lead to building tolerance, which means using the same dosage can continue to work effectively for pain.

Targeted Topical Delivery

Ansa Naturals’ 2-Part topical system helps deliver hemp and other pain-relieving ingredients to target pain in your muscles and joints. This aids in tuning your central nervous system, through your body’s natural receptors, to aid in decreasing sensations of pain and inflammation throughout different functions and parts of your body, helping make you feel immediate and long-term relief for up to 24 hours.

How To Use

Step 1: Hemp Cream

Rub and massage into the skin to help treat minor aches, pains & bodily discomfort while also moisturizing your skin.

Step 2: Hemp Balm

Glide this on-the go pain relief solution that can help provide quick healing & deep recovery when you need it the most.

Trusted By Experts

Doctor Approved & Therapist Recommended

Doctor Approved

Hemp is one of the greatest discoveries in the modern times that offers a safe alternative to help alleviate joint and muscle pain. I am doubling down on Hemp as a potential game-changer in the health and wellness domain.
- Dr. Rob Grahmans
Top Surgeon

Pain Therapist Recommended

As a pain therapist, I often recommend my patients to give Hemp a try, as not only is it effective but its all-natural and safe. It has done wonders for my clients when it comes to alleviating all forms of pain.

- Christina Kerr
Pain Therapist

Enjoy the Activities that You Love

Don’t let pain stop you from doing what you love. Ansa Naturals can help ease your sore muscles and accelerate your recovery after exercising and performing household and work activities.

Money Back Guarantee

What if this product isn’t for you? Don’t worry! If for some reason you don’t love Ansa Naturals, we include every purchase with a 30-Day no questions asked money back guarantee.

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Topical Delivery

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A complete pain-relief solution

This is definitely the best kit out there – has the cream and balm which help treat almost every kind of pain. I love that I can bring the balm wherever I go too!

– Victoria James


Great natural alternative

The topical solutions from Ansa Naturals are really great, they work and I don’t have to worry about side effects.

– Anthony Dryer


My husband loves it

My husband and I try hard to stay fit so we take long walks in the morning. About a month ago, he started feeling pain in his lower back so we couldn’t go too far. I got these for him to try and after a week, he feels much better that we’re now back to walking long distances. Tried it on my legs yesterday and they work there too!

– Tanya Porquez


Amazing for back pain

Sitting too long at my desk (and possibly bad posture) has led to my constant back pain. I tried this set because it seemed promising and you know what? Now my back doesn’t ache anymore even after 8 hours of work. Will keep using these definitely.

– Kristy Cash


Great product

Definitely a fan of the balm. Allowed my body to function normally again. I can now use it to work out and get back to living an active life. Also, the customer support is great.

– Christian Blake

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– Lily Hoffman-Schmidt

30-Day Money Back Guarantee