Exclusive: Scientists are calling this a breakthrough in achieving a healthy pregnancy!

The Super Fertility Ingredient that is Sweeping America

Posted By L. Sandford

Senior health editor

Scientists are calling this the ultimate fertility micronutrient that is crucial in maternal health – from conception to pregnancy and through the postpartum period.

According to the CDC, more than one in eight couples of childbearing age have difficulty conceiving ₍₁₎ or carrying a pregnancy to term. That’s about 6.7 million people each year who are affected by infertility. What if there was a way to enhance the chances of getting pregnant and ensure a healthy pregnancy? Taking this micronutrient is showing promising signs among women who are TTC and are already pregnant.

Why is Choline SUPER important in pregnancy?

Choline is in the B-vitamin family and is equally important as Folic Acid. Clinical trials have shown the critical role it plays in supporting women who are TTC to achieve a healthy pregnancy. It is being touted as a breakthrough pregnancy ingredient showing results faster than anything else available in the market today. Consumers with a higher Choline intake are having successful and healthy pregnancies after waiting for many years, and in some cases decades.

In 2017, the American Medical Association (AMA) recommended including Choline in all prenatal supplements ₍₂₎, adding that most vitamins containing only 0-55mg of Choline is insufficient to protect the health and development of their babies. In 2018, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a policy statement stating Choline as one of several key brain-building nutrients ₍₃₎. However, most prenatal supplements do not contain or have less than adequate amounts of Choline despite these research-based expert recommendations.

Choline, which has no recorded side effects in any clinical trials, is a safe and effective fertility ingredient, even cheaper than other pregnancy procedures currently available on the marketplace. Women of childbearing ages have benefitted tremendously when they started taking Choline, and it is being called the biggest breakthrough in healthy pregnancy to date.

It is rare to have a strong consensus among researchers on the necessity and importance of a micronutrient. A large body of evidence suggests that Choline deficiency before conception increases the risk of adverse birth outcomes and other congenital abnormalities. Unfortunately, nine out of ten Americans fall short of their Choline requirement ₍₄₎ and only eight percent of pregnant women currently meet their adequate intake of Choline ₍₃₎. 

Does Choline Work & How?

Does Choline work? Judging from the successful and healthy pregnancy of women who took Choline-enriched supplements, the answer is YES. If you have been TTC for years, taking supplements that contain Choline is one of the proven heavy hitters. We’ve listed some research-backed health benefits of this super ingredient.

  • Reduced risks of neural tube defects
    The neural tube is a hollow structure from which a baby’s brain and spinal cord form. It is formed very early in pregnancy and begins development often before women even realize they are pregnant. In one study ₍₅₎, researchers found that low maternal dietary Choline intake (< 290 mg/day) increased the risk of having a baby with a neural tube defect by approximately two times. Therefore, women who are TTC should include higher amounts of Choline in their diet to help reduce the risk giving birth to a baby with neural tube defects like Spina Bifida or anencephaly ₍₆₎.

  • Help improve baby’s visual memory and cognitive functions

    This super ingredient has been proven to help build and boost a baby’s brain, which is essential during infancy and early childhood development. Recent studies have shown that increased Choline during pregnancy was correlated with improved processing speed in infants ₍₇₎. In other words, mothers who took Choline had kids who could understand and process information at a faster rate. Another study that evaluated 895 mothers showed results suggesting that higher choline intake during pregnancy was associated with modestly better child visual memory at age 7 years ₍₈₎.

  • Preconception and postpartum health
    Additionally, Choline has been shown to assist in the different facets of pregnancy and overall health. It enhances the transport of nutrients across the placenta, lowers risks of preeclampsia, and reduces the risk of stress-related diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and depression later on in life. It may also improve your baby’s abilities to process and store information. Plus, Choline gives mommas-to-be more energy when paired with other B-vitamins!

Does My Supplement Contain Choline?

Many prenatal vitamins fall short of meeting the recommendations of Choline. In fact, top 25 prenatal vitamins were evaluated for Choline ₍₉₎, and the results showed that none of them contained the daily recommended dose advised by the Institute of Medicine (now National Academy of Medicine) in 1998. While other companies need to revise their formulations, Proception Plus already has adequate intake (AI) of Choline. It is way too important in preconception to be ignored, as it is essential in cognition, metabolism, muscle memory, prenatal health, and so much more.

Pregnancy During the Pandemic

A 2020 study also recommends pregnant women to take Choline during the COVID-19 pandemic to help mitigate the negative impacts of viral respiratory infections on newborns ₍₁₀₎. The study also found that higher choline levels may protect fetal development and support infant early behavioral development.

Research-based Benefits of Choline for your baby

Overall, Choline appears to be a great solution to many infertility conditions. That said, even with all the hype and certainty around this super ingredient, we at Health Reports 24 wanted to verify it for ourselves. Does Choline live up to all the hype surrounding it? And how do we know for sure? To better answer, we found this summary of clinical trials with their corresponding results. 

My thoughts on Choline?

It’s the real deal. Many women have been trying to conceive for years, using supplements and other methods, but this is by far the best one out there. Several studies and clinical trials show proof of this. I highly recommend trying Proception Plus Fertility Supplements as it contains 12 essential micronutrients including Choline – which has been scientifically shown to help in finally becoming the mother that you’ve been wanting to be.

The Verdict

Ninety days before you actually conceive, you are already carrying that DNA, creating that egg, and are already nourishing your future baby. So getting the right amount of Choline before and during your pregnancy is essential, as it has been clinically proven to help during the development of your baby’s brain and neural tube, and reduce further pregnancy complications.

Will this work for you?

There are plenty of fertility supplements and procedures on the marketplace, and most of them are extremely expensive. With so many options, it’s only natural to have difficulty in choosing one. But judging from the results and clinical studies on this ingredient, Choline gives its users the best chance of a successful and healthy pregnancy on the market today. The most important thing you can do for your child is to give them the best start in life.

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I took these for 2 months before I got pregnant! These vitamins will really help if you keep trying and give them time to help your body get healthy and ready for a baby.
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We've been trying to a year but haven't found any success. Maybe we should consider getting this.
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Good read. I had no idea choline was that important during pregnancy.
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The hubby and I have been talking about maybe having baby # 2. I'm taking this as a sign!!!
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