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Transform any paint into chalk style paint

Transform any paint into chalk style paint

Chalk Decorative Paint in 3 Steps

Give your furniture new life with this simple, 3-step application process. No sanding, priming or stripping needed.


Mix with your paint of choice


Apply your transformed paint for a velvety chalk finish


Seal with wax or varnish for added durability

Easy to Use

Just dissolve Vineyard Paint Chalk Additive in some water and mix with your favorite paint, and you’re ready to start creating!

No Prep Work Necessary

Apply it directly on surfaces to get that beautiful decorative chalk finish. No need for sanding, priming, or stripping.

Improves Quality
of Paint

Our premium chalk additive also adds excellent coverage and bondability to any paint, helping it adhere and last on any surface.

Unlimited Choices

Vineyard Paint Chalk Additive works with any paint or color, giving you unlimited choices for shades and finishes!

Make What You Need

Pre-mixed chalk paint can cost a fortune. Avoid wasting paint and money by mixing small batches of what you need, when you need it.

Works on a Variety
of Surfaces

Creates a beautiful chalk finish on wood, metal, laminate, tile, concrete, indoors, outdoors and beyond.

Works On All Surfaces

Transform Your Home with Vineyard Paint Chalk Additive

Whether you’re reviving outdated furniture or giving your new items a vintage feel, Vineyard Paint Chalk Additive lets you transform the ordinary into eye-catching art pieces with a few easy steps.

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basic package



1x 4oz Vineyard Paint
Chalk Additive



1x 16oz Vineyard Paint
Chalk Additive





2x 16oz Vineyard Paint
Chalk Additive


1x Paint Brush
1x Wax Brush
1x Handmade Brush Conditioning Soap
1x 220 mL Jar Clear Finishing Wax
2x 8 oz. Empty Mixing Jars
1x Mini Wire Whisk
1x Wax application wand
1x Reusable Huck Cloth
1x Lint-free 15" square wax cloths


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